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    I personally would not invest any money into a controller without a sound card in this day and age anymore. Not the most optimal situation. Your help is greatly appreciated. The headphones socket would have been better on the left. The performance pads Of course, performance pads are all the rage right now, with controllers from the new to the to the all packing big, jumbo rubberised pads as part of their specs. The jogwheels are capacitive. Hi Phil, What would be your suggestion if we will upgrade. As I have lost the original computer it was installed on Thanks Yup, it will work fine. They are basically controls for cues, samples, loops and effects — all things that any decent controller nowadays has anyway. Please give more advice to me. In the beginning it performed great. Numark is somehow better in every way from my perspective but I got some comments that sound card is quite better on the Reloop. I wonder if anyone else can help. I have decided on the Numark brand. Having tried to install traktor I was shown the same type of error messages to do with QuickTime and qcif problems. This means that no extra drivers or updates are needed for compatibility with the latest Windows and Mac operating systems. My deck is recognized but it wont display the turntables. If anyone finds a solution please post it. Thank you so much guys, that was extremely helpful! Which one do you recommend to me between this one and the Hercules control air + the new one? Conclusion This is a basic controller. My question is, is it smart to go for the mixtrack 2 and save some money with the current equipment I have or would you recommend that I go for the pro model? I seratk mostly be mixing house tracks in my bedroom, nothing too flashy yet as its just a hobby for now. Be sure to check it out and compare them Yes serato looks fantastic, thats why I have asked if its possible to use serato with the mixtrack 2.

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